Post-Holidays Self-Sufficiency

It’s January 13th, 2011, and the streets are full of discarded Christmas trees, while the gyms are full of people who are full of Christmas cookies and other treats. What does this all mean? Well, it means that the holidays are officially over. And while you may have wonderful memories of glowy candlelit family dinners or carol singing, you may not have gotten what you really wanted. And since if you’re reading this, whether you know it or not, what you wanted was the Liz Caplan Studios Vocal Pro Iphone App, or one of the many other options. Right? I mean, really. You may have noticed while caroling this year that your voice left something to be desired, or maybe you opened a Renee Fleming CD and sighed that you don’t sound like her (well, to be honest, we probably can’t totally help with THAT one – but we can make you sound like a better version of you!). Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to be the Karaoke king of your friend group, or to sing out proud in your church choir. Maybe you just wish they didn’t have to turn up the mike so high when you speak in public, or don’t want to keep losing your voice. Luckily for you, you can give yourself the gift in 2011 of the iphone apps – there’s one for almost every kind of singing, whether opera or country, and a big combo Vocal Pro, all for less than a sandwich in New York City. So Happy 2011, and treat yourself to your own best voice for the new year!

About lizcaplanblog

LIZ CAPLAN, has been teaching and coaching voice since 1978 in New York City and guest lectures throughout the United States and Europe. Her students are currently featured in principle roles on Broadway, National tours, Off Broadway, regionally, and as artists in the recording industry. Some have also been nominated for the prestigious Tony and Grammy awards and have been Emmy award winners. Besides working vocally with recording artists, Liz does consulting work for all the major record labels. Liz Caplan Vocal Studios is located in New York City, and is one of the premiere vocal studios in the country. Now staffed by Liz and a group of highly trained and talented Voice Teachers, it is able to bring Liz's mission of 'balancing the state of the artist' to many.
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