Announcing… The Liz Caplan Studios iPhone APPs!!

The iPad. The last Harry Potter book. Lungs instead of gills. Some things are just worth waiting for.

And now, we here are thrilled to announce that our baby, the work of many long months, and which uses all the expertise of many long years, is here. And we couldn’t be prouder.

Yes, that’s right – Liz Caplan Studios has finally released our iphone apps, an extensive and easy-to-use compilation of tips, tricks, exercises, warmups – the whole shebangy. It features helpful sections on everything from how to warm up your entire body for a performance, vocal warmups for a variety of different types of singing (you can sing along with the app!) how to adjust your warmup and technique for various singing styles, modified lessons for men and women, and helpful tips on preparing your mind and body for an audition or a stressful performance, and much, much more. It’s basically like having a tiny Liz Caplan right in your pocket (but not in a creepy way), and having her years of teaching experience and expertise whenever and wherever you need it (not to mention her warmth and support).

We here at the studio believe that everyone deserves to know how they can be the best singer they can be, even if it’s just in the privacy of your own shower. And we are so thrilled that modern technology has made something like this possible; now anyone with an iphone can have a chance to learn how to use their voice safely and well. And even if you are already a student of the studio, you’ll have the chance to have her warmups and tips literally in the palm of your hand.

So if you have an iPhone, we hope that you use and enjoy our new app. We’ve had a blast making it for you – we hope it brings you all as much joy as it brings us to share it with you.

A look at some of what is available on the app!! (There's a lot)

About lizcaplanblog

LIZ CAPLAN, has been teaching and coaching voice since 1978 in New York City and guest lectures throughout the United States and Europe. Her students are currently featured in principle roles on Broadway, National tours, Off Broadway, regionally, and as artists in the recording industry. Some have also been nominated for the prestigious Tony and Grammy awards and have been Emmy award winners. Besides working vocally with recording artists, Liz does consulting work for all the major record labels. Liz Caplan Vocal Studios is located in New York City, and is one of the premiere vocal studios in the country. Now staffed by Liz and a group of highly trained and talented Voice Teachers, it is able to bring Liz's mission of 'balancing the state of the artist' to many.
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2 Responses to Announcing… The Liz Caplan Studios iPhone APPs!!

  1. Isabelle says:

    I’m from paris and I bought your application on the appls store and it doesn’t work…The message is” database error occured…” I have a Iphone 3 GS with OS 4 update. Could you pplease fixe this bugg.

  2. Darkstar says:

    I just got your VHS (was hoping a DVD relase may be in the works) then I see you have an iPhone app. Will there be an Android app coming? Currently Androids are outselling iPhones so it would be great for the rest of the world to be able to “take it on the road” also!

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