Honey, Honey

As we here at the studio are in the business of keeping throats happy, we consume, and advise others to consume, a great deal of honey. Honey is one of the best natural throat soothers around (and one of the best around, period – a recent study done by the Penn State College of Medicine found that honey was better at eliminating childhood coughs better than the main ingredient in over-the-counter cough syrups), in addition to being just plain delicious. So, in honor of our favorite sweet remedy, here is a list of random facts about honey.

Mmmm.... soothing and delicious.

* Honey is the only food that never goes bad. Honey found stored in Egyptian tombs was still unspoiled, although if you ask us we’d rather not be the ones to eat that particular jar, thanks.

* Honey has antibacterial properties and can be applied topically to cuts and burns. The ancient civilizations of Rome, Egypt, Greece, and Mexico all knew this, and used honey accordingly. Right now, honey is undergoing a bit of a renaissance for this purpose as it has been proven to be effective on antibiotic-resistant injuries.

* ‘Honey’ has been a term of endearment since 1350 AD.

* If you have seasonal allergies, you might be able to build up a resistance to them, or at least lower the severity, by consuming raw honey from your region.

* Over the course of its entire lifetime, the average honey bee will produce only one twelfth of a single teaspoon of honey.

* You can make an excellent, and very cheap, exfoliating face mask by mixing cornmeal with honey and applying it to your face for about five minutes, then rinsing it off. Your face will be clean, soft, and moisturized, but you will look like a swamp monster when you have the mask on, so it’s best to apply it when you’re alone.

The most lovable honey fan.

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LIZ CAPLAN, has been teaching and coaching voice since 1978 in New York City and guest lectures throughout the United States and Europe. Her students are currently featured in principle roles on Broadway, National tours, Off Broadway, regionally, and as artists in the recording industry. Some have also been nominated for the prestigious Tony and Grammy awards and have been Emmy award winners. Besides working vocally with recording artists, Liz does consulting work for all the major record labels. Liz Caplan Vocal Studios is located in New York City, and is one of the premiere vocal studios in the country. Now staffed by Liz and a group of highly trained and talented Voice Teachers, it is able to bring Liz's mission of 'balancing the state of the artist' to many.
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